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Last Updated: 8/15/17

White Label Branding  ( White Label Colors, Logos, Images, etc )

Unlimited Landing, Register, and Login Pages

Unlimited Managers & Locations With Custom Commissions & Permissions

Feature Rich A.I. Nutrition Plan Builder

Nutritional Manager  ( Modify Plans, Meals, CPF Percentages, Recipes, Nutritional Labels, etc )

1000's of Meals, Recipes, Food Items, Nutritional Labels, etc

Autonomous Client Grocery List Generator

Autonomous Client Macronutrient Tracker

Feature Rich A.I. Training Plan Builder

Supplement Packages, Regimens, etc

Workout Manager  ( Modify Plans, Exercises, Activites, Protocols, Tempo etc )

1000's of Exercises, Activites, Deatiled How-To's, Research Proven Protocols, etc

Male & Female Exercise Video Library  ( Company Video Library, Precautions, etc )

Video Courses With Specialized Content Delivery

Equipment Manager  ( Modify Suggested, Alternative, Available Eqipment at Locations, etc )

1000's of Machines, Specialty Accessories, Equipment, etc

Corporate Wellness Manager

Corporate Wellness Presentations

Feature Rich Corporate Wellness Database

Unlimited Corporations

Employee Biometric Testing

Facility, Department, Employee Aggregate Data Tracking

Company Incentive Capabilites

Detailed Wellness Report Dashboard

Employee Participation Leaderboard

Unlimited Custom Corporation Landing, Register, Login Pages

Client Manager

Unlimited Clients

Unlimited Trial Accounts

Client-Expert Profile Sharing

Custom MyPlan Notifications

Lifetime Client Data Storage

Unlimited Access Codes

Analytics Manager

Visual Data Analytics  ( Aggregate & Individual )

Real Time Financial Analytics 

Participation Analytics With Client Leaderboard

Sales Report Generator With Breakdown

Schedule Manager

Class & Event Schedules

Tag Instructors & Add Extra Fees

Easy to Use Online Scheduling

CRM Manager

Unlimited Campaigns

Lead Capture Tools

Feature Rich Form Builder

Unlimited Forms & Data Storage

Automate Responses

URL Campaign Generator

Content Manager

Custom Expert Profiles

Custom News & Announcements

Feature Rich Article Builder

Article & Video Database

Custom Content Providers

Marketing Manager

Custom Marketing Materials, Graphics, Banners, etc

Safe & Secured Transactions


Dedicated Team of Experts

Custom Reward Program Design

Preset Programs made by Industry Leading Experts

Global Expert Marketing

Anti-Fraud Detection

V.I.P. Online Support  ( Email, Manuals, Weekly Webinars )

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24 x 7 email support and 24 x 5 phone support included with all plans.

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