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So what if im not a dietitian but want to offer meal plans to my clients? MyPlan has you covered, with programs (meal & training plans) that are ready to be used by your clients already in MyPlan. Enabling trainers who aren't normally nutritionists to offer customized meal plans to their clients & vice versa. This allows you to jumpstart your business & expedites the initial process.


Thousands of meals, recipes, spices, protocols

Inside your MyPlan's nutritional database there are thousands of ingredients, recipes, & meals. All ingredients are constantly being updated (continuously adding more into the system) by the USDA, you will have access to the latest items & information thanks to MyPlan's SR28 database.


Make a program ONE  time, we customize the rest

So is it "cookie cutter"? No, the complete opposite. MyPlan takes in the protocols that you input to customize a clients program (meal or training plan) & applies this to all of your members plans. While at the same time taking into account each clients specific goals, current health, preferences, requirements, etc. Meaning that each program is different & has it's own unique purpose.


Thousands of editable exercises, meals, equipment

You will have access to thousands of exercises & meals that you can use to create programs for you members. These programs can be as advanced or as simple as you need them to be. The equipment used for a training plan can be tailored to where your clients workout. This prevents any exercises being populated that your clients cannot perform (ex. equipment is customized to your wellness facility or a corporations fitness center).


We enable your whole team to make programs like never before

You can depend on MyPlan doing the heavy lifting, you have enough on your plate. We save your team countless hours & enable you to focus your energy on what really matters, your members experience.


Create & deliver nutrition programs like a dietitian

1000's of Exercises & Activities

1000's of Foods & Recipes

Preset Training Plan Library

Preset Meal Plan Library

Made by Industry Leading Experts

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Where do I start? We have dramatically increased our monthly revenue, opened up our target audience to include clients from around the world. I save time while being able to accept endless amounts of clients that I previously had to turn down... It almost doesn't make sense.

Alexis Setty

Golf Specialist, San Diego