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This is new for me, what exactly is a wellness plan?

A wellness plan is a program that is implemented into your business that saves you money by reducing claims, medical costs, reaping tax benefits, improving the well-being of each employee, lowering absenteeism, improving job satisfaction, increasing employee retention, increasing comradery, increasing engagement, & so much more. Talk with a rep to learn more and ask for the "wellness plan A-B-C document"  or click the "request a proposal" button listed below.

What if my employees aren't all in one location?

Completely fine! Each facility will have its own location within the platform. Our team will work with you one on one to develop an effective wellness program designed around your businesses needs.

My employees are always on the move, how would you get this to adopt a program like this?

No worries! We specialize in workplace wellness programs for businesses just like yours & with employee engagement across the board in a variety of markets. Our consultants will work one on one with you to develop an effective engagement strategy that could range anywhere from a rewards based incentives program to program gamification. All strategies that are implemented are back by years of experience & studies that have surveyed millions of employees across the US.

Does this actually help my bottom line & save me money?

Yes! Just focusing on medical costs & absenteeism costs alone, the economics department of Harvard University found that for every 1$ spent on wellness programs for the workplace they experienced a 600% return on investment. The great thing is the benefits go far beyond absenteeism & medical costs. Saving you money is an understatement, with our program we are practically giving you money, talk with your rep for more resources for employers return on investment or click the "request a proposal" button listed below.

This seems like a lot & we already have enough going on, would a program like this fit my budget?

Absolutely! Our program is super affordable and comes with flexible payment options as well. We will work with you in order to implement a wellness program into your workplace.

What's the biggest benefit for me as a small business employer?

This is a very broad question. It is hard to put a tab on what is the biggest benefit since there are so many to choose from and listing them all would be an essay. One of the benefits that we see small business employers the most excited about is the "qualified small employer health reimbursment arrangement" that allows us to handle their claims in turn reducing costs. The health plan coupled with tax advantages, lowering claims, eliminating hidden costs, improving the well-being of all employees, the on-site screenings, & the auto-assigned experts are all popular benefits to the employees & the employers we work with.

This seems huge, how long would this take to implement into my business?

From start to finish our team will have you up & running in less than a few weeks if it's not ready immediately. Typically for small businesses we will have the entire program ready within minutes. This all depends on your needs & the size of your business. We will be able to give you an exact timeline when you request a proposal below.